Saturday, March 17, 2012


About 200km north of KL, is a city that is almost halfway if you travel between KL and Penang (about 350KM north of KL).

While the night was done spending watching a local production of Hairspray, the next day was spent attending  church service and wondering around Ipoh's most famous buildings...
And yes, this particular church is a predominant Indian community church. Hence, Tamil writing.

It's exterior. I'll let you guess where it is, but it's situated in Taman Silibin.
And now, possibly the most famous building in Ipoh. And an almost identical twin of KL's old train station...
More pictures at the bottom of this post.
The infamous Death Railway.

There's quite a nice little park at Ipoh's Station. One that we decided to spend some time with...
And across the road is annother colonial building. As one can see, well restored. Great to see all these here...
More time at the park
The picture says it all.
You should be able to guess what this is all about... :)
A walkway in the corridor leading to the entrance of the station.
The End.

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