Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hairspray - A local version done in aid of charity in Ipoh, November 2011

We are were here to watch Hairspray, a musical that we had the opportunity 1 year earlier to watch live whilst we were in Melbourne. While that one was a professional production, this one is ... a local one and of course, with very limited budget.

But 1st, as this was a charity thingy, it wasn't all about Hairspray. There was ... another performance before it. And so, I'll entertain you with fairies prancing around ...
 Don't ask me what's it all about, coz I've forgotten!
 Ooooooh... and here comes the baddie.
 Why is it that the bad guy always gets more prominence? Guess secretly, everybody wants to be bad?
 And the end...
 And here we start. Good Morning Baltimore and hello Tracy.
But actually, we were here for one reason: To support our friend. Care to guess who? :)
 Move Amber!
 Just so like Link!

 This was a really cool shot. I was more excited over the shadows than them! ha ha
 Still can't figure out who the camera is following the most? :P
Hey momma, hey... with Mr Pinky!
 Motormouth done very well.

 Another great shadow shot.
 Oh Link... you set so many hearts abeatting ... :D
 And made many jealous...
 Okay okay. Coming to the end. It's time for Miss Teenage Hairspray competition.
 Brought to you by ... Ultra Clutch!
 Whoa Penny!
 And Penny gets her man!
 Yes, there was lots of jumping during You Can't Stop The Beat

 I can out jump you man... Sorry guys, but Edna beats you guys by hairs breath! :P
 Edna and Wilbur.
 Corny and Motormouth.
 Finale resuming...
 And altogether now... Jump!
 Well done Jaime! You nailed it very well...

The End.

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