Thursday, March 29, 2012

4th International Putrajaya Balloon Festival

Now, yours truly wasn't suppose to be doing this, but it so happens that my trusty ol' SLR was with me and as I drove, this little (?, yeah, right!) Kiwi bird decided to float its way across the road that I usually drive on to work.

Ah well, since it came my way... I shall do some balloon homage!
See what I mean?
And decided to play Peek-A-Boo.
Guess Kiwi bird wasn't the only one to come this way...
So were 2 more.
And one of them decided to crash land at Dell's office. Wonder what the folks at that building must have thought? But then again, with the Fire Brigade just opposite them, what's there to worry?
Is this one going to suffer the same fate too?
Or trying to help ALL Malaysians by doing something to help every sane tax paying Malaysian? :p

Unfortunately, no. It never made it there. 

Oh well, wishful thinking right? He he.

The End. 

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