Saturday, February 25, 2012

Melbourne - ACMI

We had use Melbourne as a stopover to get to Sydney, back when AirAsia X didn't fly direct. But it's a good stop as we actually like MLB more that SYD! :)

Anyway, just before we left, we had scheduled a few days to wonder around before heading back. And upon getting in, we found out about this Sci Fi exhibition; celebrating all this to do with Sci Fi. Pity we couldn't take any photos of the exhibits... and Star Trek Outfits. Did I mentioned Star Trek? I DID say Star Trek, right? :P
The exhibition was in this place called ACMI - Australian Center for Moving Images. It's a place that celebrates all things to do with ... moving images.

But 1st, creations from wood. Reminds me of those 3D puzzles. But it'll certainly be cool to fix a huge replica...

And what's the pinnacle of moving images? You receiving one of these...
Missus very excited to spot a Moulin Rouge costume!

As you see on those extra features in DVD's and Blu Ray's, drawing boards are here too.
Back then, waaaaaay before you had CGI or even computers, this is how you mad motion.
Hmmmm... even this guy can think of love???
The dawn of ... TV.
And yes, it USED to be in black and white and there was ... WOOD!
Can you spot us? :)

This is Federation Square!

The End.

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