Friday, February 17, 2012

Marina Bay Sands via Bayfront MRT Station

Having just visited MBS recently due to the musical Wicked, I'd thought to share with all netizens that there is now a MRT stop specifically for MBS. And it's called Bayfront on the Circle Line (Orange colour).

This station sits just below MBS and you would then use Exits C and D to get to the Theaters, Expo's and Shops itself. The difference between the 2? Well, depends on which way you wanna go!

Personally, Exit C brings you closer but if you walk one big round, you'll eventually end up with Exit D on the other end... :)

To get to Bayfront station, one needs to:
a) hop onto the Harbourfront line, head towards Doby Ghaut,
b) get off at Promenade
c) go one platform up and take the train to Marina Bay, BUT
d) get off at Bayfront IF you want to visit MBS.

Will MBS is in Marina Bay, they are 2 different things; one being the resort and the other, well ... a place that has existed for quite a long time...

This Bayfront station was only recently opened, i.e. January 14th 2012. Hence, the absence of information about this new method of getting oneself to MBS, sans walking across the bridge or by Bus or drive...


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