Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Exclusive : Star Trek Cross Stitch and something else...

Now, what can this be...???
Oh wow...
Can you name all of them?

The designs were taken from this website: and missus thereafter stitch them accordingly.

Basing on the designs, missus decided to design Guinan to make it a set of 9. Otherwise, it looks rather incompete, yes?

And hey, what's this? :)
It's my birthday present! :)

The End.

p/s (22022013) - Due to a request, here are the DMC thread numbers... from my missus.


Katie said...

This is so cool - I found the post off google images. Do you remember what DMC colors you used?

kwan said...

Dear Katie,
Erm... In relation to my Birthday gift or...??? :)


Katie said...

The little Star Trek guys. I know someone who would love it as a gift too but I'm trying to figure out the colors to use if your wife remembers!

kwan said...

Dear Katie,
Missus does have a list of the colours used stored in her Master file and she's happy to share! :)

I'll edit the page and put up her choice of threads used.

Kindly Check back on Sunday?


Katie said...

Awesome, thank you! :)

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