Monday, January 2, 2012

Sydney - Maritime Museum - Duyfken (Little Dove)

Berth near the Destroyer and the Submarine was this little wooden boat. Okay, it's not fair to call it that... 
Needless to say, this boat was put together way back in the 1800s... and lovingly restored.

And called the Duyfken or Little Dove as we were informed.
It's history.
As our ticket was for everything, we of course, took a visit in it. That big giant thing in the middle; is it's rudder.
Up close and personal to them cannons.
Behind the rudder is a compartment and its the ship's aft and with it, 2 cannons.
You're probably wondering what's with all the ropes. Well, they break and out in the ocean, there are no repair shops. Hence, you gotta bring your supplies... and that's A LOT!
That rope in the foreground, with it's frailed end is used to clean you up after you've done your "big job". You see, toilets didn't exist and so you either pee or did your business right there... in the front of the ship in the full view of the ocean.

Must be very ... cold if you needed to visit the loo in the wee hours...
Yup. That's how they cook your food.
On the main deck itself.
It's insignia.

The End.

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