Friday, December 9, 2011

Sydney - Manly

Manly Beach - a seaside location, which, not as famous as Bondi, still draws surfers and people who just want to get away... but not too far! It's also where the Manly Aquarium is... 
A view from the back of the Ferry as it leaves the harbour and heads toward Manly. Good thing about the My Multi ticket, it covers ferries too!
And yes, that IS the ocean out there.
After doing a little turn, you have all these houses/apartments. Must cost plenty for the view. BUT, am guessing come winter, you'll be burning electricity!
These ferries are passenger ferries. Bikes are allowed, I think and it's a double decker.
A steam fountain to greet you once you come on out of the terminal.
Okay. Not terminal. It's called a Wharf.
One cuts across from the Wharf and walk about 5mins before you see... the above.
This bloke decided to make his work of art early.
Did I mention that these gulls are really ...pesky?
Moi and missus...
Swim... if you dare.
A very old building.
And ode to the Manly.
A church.
The town council building.
What's so great about this picture? It's the sign by the road that got my attention. :)
This is what the ferry looks like, from the outside.
A memorial to ...???

You CAN drive to Manly. Or take the Bus/Train there as well. But I think, taking the Ferry is so much more fun! :)

The End.

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