Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sydney - Kiama Blow Hole

Kiama - a small town situated south of Sydney and by train, about 3 hours or so. Good thing it's still covered by the My Multi passes. 

Anyway, you come here for just 1 thing which you will find out shortly.

But 1st, a little history of that place. Hope you can read the inscription.
Rough seas. Very good for what we're here for! :)
Very rough and strong currents. Good. Good.
And here we go. A Blow Hole. That's what we're here for. Hence, the rough seas and strong currents. Else, it ain't no Blow Hole. Having read them in numerous books, it's certainly fascinating to come across one and see it in real life.
So, sit back and enjoy the next sequence of shots...

And below is the channel that flows into the cavern below from which the water will sprout out.
God having a sense of humour?
The bloke who went looking for the Blow Hole.
And since the seas are rough, you'll obviously need a lighthouse to warn the boats.
The reddish building, it's the GPO, built back in the 1800s.
And so's the courthouse.
Next to the GPO, Courthouse is the Police Station which up till today, still functions.

But what interests us on the plaque what this: Heritage Trail. I mean, for a small town like this, they have a Heritage Trail. They KNEW tourists would come and visit the Blow Hole, and decided, "You know what, we've got more than that. Let's show them our town's history too!"
And coming from Malaysia where buildings in prime location are just torn down and bulldozed over, this is fantastic. Sometimes, one just wished that these idiotic and $$$ minded blokes would just think about something else, besides $$$. *sigh*

Ok, sorry about the rant.

Here's more history for you.

The End.

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