Monday, November 28, 2011

Sydney's Botanical Gardens

Once has gotta love these Botanical Gardens that are situated on prime land in AU. Melbourne, Sydney. A park that actually allows you to... please step on the grass. But more on that later. Before that, a little memorial plaque which we came across, next to the Opera House, beside the gardens.

What are you trying to spot luv?
Magpie came a calling.
The gardens is home to many kinds of trees. And various sizes and ... shapes.
And so did this bird came a calling.
What cha looking at bub?
According to the plaque, this had topple over during a thunderstorm and to right it, would damage the tree. So, it's since been left as it is.
Tree. Big tree. Puny human.
And a Kookaburra. Very lucky to have come across this in the wild!
The Government House.
See what I mean about walking on the grass??? :)
The main gates outside.

The End.

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