Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sydney - Harbour Bridge

So here we are, at wet, rainy and cold Sydney! We were here for almost 8 days to visit missus Auntie.

Sydney is famous for 2 worldwide landmarks: Opera house and the topic of this post, Harbour Bridge. While the world thinks its grand, the aussies don't really think so; and so it's been given the nickname, "Coat Hangar".

I guess from above, it says it all? :)

View from the side.
You can climb it up and it ain't cheap. But then again, it's a 3-4 hour climb/walk, so I guess, you get your $$$'s worth!
Missus with her auntie. At the background is a cruise ship called Rhapshody of the Seas...
Missus and moi.
Okay, finally, there was more favourable weather conditions and so, you get a better view... this was taken next to Luna Park, in North Sydney.
And yes, you can walk across the bridge, which most people do as there is a specific walkway. Heck, you can ride across it too; but that's on the other side of the bridge for pedestrian safety.
Admiring or just asking not to walk luv?
We made it to the middle!
The view from the bridge, down...
The brave souls who are going to make their way up...
Can see the long walk???
The plaque that commemorates the opening of the bridge
And we are going UP too, but albeit cheaper alternative! As you saw from the above photos, there are 4 pylons and one of them has been turned into a touristy thingy, equipped with a mini museum, souvenir shop and video theater. And you can go all the way up, to it's peak of 250++ steps.

And no, it's not as bad as it sounds, but if you're thinking that there is a lift for you, sorry. Climb baby, climb...
The following depicts the bridge history...

And some stained glass to get your attention
The view from the top. The roadway splits the train and cycling tracks from the pedestrian walkway, so you can't walk on the other side.
The above faces the famous landmarks known as "The Rocks"
Looking into south Sydney which is where the CBD is.

The End.

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