Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sculpture by the Sea - Bondi Beach

The world famous Bondi Beach. Easily accessible from Sydney's city centre. As you can see, even in early spring, the folks here are all geared up for Sun, Beach and Surf! :)

You'll have to ignore the speck of dust that collected itself...

And as usual, reflections work best. Thanks Sweetie.
Now, what can these 2 blokes be upto? But wait, if THAT a swimming pool next to the ocean itself?
Yes, indeed. Either brave, foolish or just... wanna have fun?
"Okay. I don't do surfing, but... this is probably as close as it get's?" :)
This image was intentionally manipulated to show the waves as it beat against the swimming pool and the 2 blokes.
And what's a Zebra doing here? Bet he must be thinking that the grass is greener on the other side!
It sure it buddy! Come on over!
Apparently, every year, at around early November, you have this exhibition called, Sculptures By the Sea. And so, these here, are the exhibits. Basically, one just walk...
No idea what this is suppose to be...
Missus says that this is a representation of a Larvae, Pulpa and Butterfly or some winged insect.
Along the way, you have these outcrops that have been shaped by Sun, Wind, Rain, Snow, Surf, Water...
Invasion of the Yellow ... whatever!
Attack! Up the Hills. Quickly!
I swear I can lift this.
The view back towards Bondi. One just walks along the walkway. And it's not as long as it seems. Really!
Oh look! A Piggy...
And Clams?
No idea... but someone said that those white stuff, cigs.
And an Eagle.
Imagine if this was your house. Small, quaint, but...
Hah! I'll drench you all... you'll witness my water power!
"I hope it's not going to transform..."
"Is it lost?"
No comment
"Frogs. Attack!"
Rabbit watching out... thinking about those waves.
2 blokes. 1 lass. And a bottle.
There's this nice cove... Makes a very nice and scenic shot.
Even Sydney isn't spared...
And the winner is... Turtletyre!
Remnants of a war?
Even Buddha knows when to take a holiday!
Boy. Screw. Sand. Nuff said.
I don't think these boats are meant for rowing...
Interesting way to hold a meeting.
Anybody missing a skeleton recently?
And the history of life saving...
Nice exposure of Bondi.

The End.

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