Sunday, June 5, 2011

Victor & Charissa's Wedding @ Kuching SIB - 28th May 2011

We wouldn't be in Kuching if not for this simple reason. A wedding to attend. You see, the missus's witness (during our last year's wedding) hails from Sarawak. And as she flew all the way to KL to attend ours, it's obvious we had to do the same. 
 So congrats to you both... I hope this photo doesn't give away the surprise... :)
 Looking very anxious, Victor?
 Yes... if you noticed the theme is... Purple.
Anyway, who looking so glum, chum?
 Yes! I am the door master. We shall NOT open the doors... and the wedding shall be spoilt!!! ha ha ha...

 *sigh* Is this what becomes of me? Holding doors open??? :(
 Here comes the bride...

 And the bridesmaid...
 Shots taken from the back #1
 Shots taken from the back #2
 Very apt... this hymn... with me poking fun about doors (gates in this case)...
 Hmmm... maybe I can tackle that chick...
 Best Man #1: There's a hot babe there...
Best Man #2: I saw her 1st! May the best man wins...

 You sure that's the rings?
 Obviously, THE most important part of the wedding after the vows... Don't drop the rings now!

 You may kiss the bride... which caught all photographers' by surprise sans this one who saw it coming and this is THE Ori kiss. Not the 2nd round one which was staged.
 Time to sign your life away... :)

 That's done. I've signed it!
 Having butterflies cher Cherry? It's too late now...
 Unity candle lighting.

 And it's passed on to the lovely couple.
 And it's all OVER. DONE. FINISHED. HABIS... Well, not really. Still got the dinner but... :)
 One of the rare occasions you'll find moi in the picture...
 I was told that there were 2 main things for this wedding:
a) Purple
b) Tortoises...
 Wedding dinner portion - The Ice sculptured Swans.
 The "thank you" gifts.
 Yes Cherry. You'll get flash bombed a LOT! So hang on close...
 My missus and the bride.
 And groom.
The End.

And here ends my Kuching set.

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