Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sarawak - Kuching

Kuching or in English, means Cat. And being a city, it has certainly taken it's name sake to the K.
And this is just an example. But more on that later...
Kuching is more than just a Cat city. Some time back, it decided to make full use of the river that cut's the city in 2; i.e. North and South Kuching. And in the process, revamp the area or at least the Southern side of it to make it more festive and touristy. So, you know have a Riverfront. The above is taken from the Southern side of the river, facing the Northern side.

This picture shows the up stream, and on the right is the State Assembly building.
This is how the Riverfront looks like.
And along the Riverfront, are these small plaques embedded on the ground. We came across one but have no idea where the rest are!
And neither do we know what this represents...
As the river splits the city in half, small boats, called sampans or in Sarawak's case, water taxi's ply between the 2 sides. In the foreground, you can see one of those river taxi's.
And if you're adventurous enough, kayaking is very much possible.
The Astana. Think Governor's residence and you'll understand this building and it's occupants.
The white building used to be a prison! But my take on it was more for the reflection that anything else. Pity that the water was dirty, i.e. murky.
A memorial and...
The old courthouse.
And a very old building that heralds back to the late 1800s.
As it's stated, the Chinese Museum, but it was closed.
Yes, more cats... and more on that later.
The sea of blue tents signals the famous Jln Satok weekend market, where one can find food produce to manufactured goods, to plants, souvenirs, etc...
I was wondering how the vans were going to remove themselves later... :)
This is the North Kuching City Council building. It also houses the Cat Museum. Yes, they really have taken the name of their city to another level. But more of that in another post later...
As the council building resides on the top of a hill, it thus makes it a very convenient location to serve as a lookout point. Or observation one. So moi and the missus decided to take advantage of it.
Fort Magherita.

The courtyard.
View from it's battlements. As you can see, it's blocked by shrubs and trees. Pity about the view. It would have been great and therein lies the problem.
The fort is still very well taken care off, BUT not the views from it, nor the way to get there. You have to climb some concrete pathway that is actually some stairs that lead you to a school from the Kampung Boyan road. Once you reach the school, you then make your way around it's fence and this is where if you're single, it can get creepy and it's a very dilapidated concrete path, not to mention overgrown grass and shrubs hugging the walkway.
After that, you come out to some roads that leads to nowhere and this is where your own good sense of direction comes in. You have to guess where it the signs seemed to have suddenly disappeared...

Poor experience that otherwise mars a well kept building. Pity.
Previously I was on the Southern side. As the Fort is on the Northern side... so am now shooting pictures from the opposite side of the river.
The Hilton and to it's left, is where Tune Hotel is. And the small water taxi that plies the river...
Grand Margerita Hotel. 1 thing you would notice is how clean the city is... and if the city is clean, so would it's rivers be. What a big difference when compared to KL... *sigh*
The South Kuching City Council building. And yes, a thunderstorm fast approaching!
The Airport is a reminiscent of KLIA. Lots of natural light flooding in from the sides.
This was more of a reflection shot that anything else...
Obviously I can't have a post of a place if it doesn't have any food right? So... Mee Kolo.
A kuih (which a local seemed to have forgottrn the name) from Jln Satok market. It's just flour and deep fried. Now if it just came out of the frying pan...
And finally, midin a distant cousin of paku ( fern vegetable) that we love to eat... This is only available in Sarawak.

The End.

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