Friday, June 3, 2011

Sarawak Cultural Village - Stage Presentation

The SCV @ 1130 and 1630H have a little performance for it's visitors in the auditorium. And it's certainly something nobody should miss; be it local or foreigner.
The backdrop to the stage, behind the instruments.
Yes, the colour changes. Pretty cool!
The Iban dance.
And they are going to pick up those logs...
With their teeth! It's heavy by the way...
And still dance with it!
The Bidayuh dance.

Melanau. This started really quiet with a bloke carrying that bamboo log.
And another bloke carrying a candle...
And then, "BOOM"! It explodes with a bang of movement and surprise.
4 guys and 4 girls and 4 bamboo logs which are placed across, intersecting like a + sign. And the ladies dance in tandem as the logs are moved. I have seen this dance on local telly, but watching it live is another thing. It's best viewed as a video which I had recorded and will post later.
Now is the guys turn. One of them will climb up to the top and have a spin at the top as the remaining guys spin the log. Again, something to be seen on video!
Orang Ulu. By far, the most entertaining dance or routine. Reason? Crowd interaction.
Left Guy: You sure you can aim there kah?
No, I intend to aim right in front of ME!
Let's all dance together...
What'cha looking up bub? You want a piece of me?
Look at us. We are 2 men. Brave men. Strong men. And well dressed!
"I like your fur"...
But it smells funny.
Who says we are not hip enough?
And are so serious?
And that we don't know how to play?
Left: What's that you're wearing?
Left: What is this contraption that she has on her feet?
Right: Now, ignore him and learn how to use my blow pipe.
Hmmm... I think I can fit my feet into this contraption!
Uggggggh! My Feet! Arrrrrrrgh... get it off!
Flanked by 2 brave souls... or is it the other way round?
Closing act: Let's all have a merry time.
Whilst that is the case, the same can't be said about a certain little girl ...
And guy... "I want my mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!"

The End.

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