Friday, June 10, 2011

Movie Carnival 2011 @ IPC (Ikano)

After many years of me skipping Movie Carnival, I decided to drop by after some urging from my other half.

A lot has changed since I last attended during the very 1st one. Not as big or grand. Ah well, it's still movies...
The stage.

Smurfs will be coming a-calling soon. Be prepared for invasion of these little blue ones.
It's kinda hard holding an SLR and with some ppl jostling around... But these were the Cosplay characters that were there for the day; 2 bounty hunters and a Jedi from Star Wars, Predator, Darth Maul (also from Star Wars) and 3 the Chipmunks.

Say... where's ...???
Allllllllllvin... What have you done to your Guardian???
Friendly Preddy?
No. I will not blast that popcorn stall for you...
Nice to spot a familiar face here. Hi Vin Cen!
Boy boy... what is that?
Maul and Jedi crossing blades.
Boy... hands off me or...
Now, how do I go about getting rid of those pesky little blue ones?
Standing ready to exterminate.
Grandma: Girl, you aim properly ah... I want those free Vitagens!
Never too young to learn... Let mummy teach you.
If that was a real blade, kid, you'll be dead!
Darn these kids. They are everywhere! Spoiling my plans...!

MC is all about the movies, in particularly, the movies that will be coming out in for 2011 in Malaysia. So you have the movie distributors here, all under one roof. Surprisingly, Transformers2 and Harry Potter7 is absent. Or maybe I'm not seeing right...!

Anyway, come back soon coz yours truly will be attending MC again. And there is a special reason why... :)

For more information about MC visit

The End.

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