Monday, June 13, 2011

Movie Carnival #2

So it's back to IPC for a 2nd time and this time, the missus tagged along and joined in the fun...
 All piraty indeed! Father, daughter and swindler...
 And along the way, Lara Croft drop by...
 And obviously Jack was thinking of something? Probably worried over what the father & daughter were discussing!
 Thankfully, the missus's sister came to the rescue and broke up THAT discussion!
 Looks like Blackbeard and Jack got lost somewhere along the way and ended up in a maze of drawings... or would that give them inspiration for more plundering?

 I wanna be a pirate. Where do I sign up?
 Now, let me see... if I press this button on the camera... Is it a toy camera, do you think?
 Son, you've enabled Aperture mode...
 Amazing isn't it? This kiddo... and the camera... and he's actually taking pictures...  and it's a Canon S90 btw!
 I don't want Aperture mode. I wanna Program mode! It's just to complicated!
 Oh.. how come he's got a camera daddy?
 Yeah daddy. I want one too!
 Jack's got his inspiration alright. Guess he's found the Smurfs!
 But Blackbeard wants them stomped out!
 Obviously Jack's none too happy that his plan is going awry and Angelica wants one of them?
I want THAT one Papa says she!
Are you kidding, I want to blast them to bits!
 Oh well, I'll just have to duel with this one then!
 Hmmm... that clothing looks very familiar! Why is that so Jack?
 The above action happened on Saturday and we're back here in IPC on Sunday for a Cosplay competition in which the missus took part...
 Blackbeard making his point and he seems to have gotten the MC to enlist too.
 Storm ... looking gentle. Not quite right. But there's the saying, Calm before the Storm... would one be coming soon then?
 Charlie Chaplin strutting off?
 Nemesis obviously felt he had a point to prove with the MC.
 I'll take the mic back now,  if you don't mind! So fast already?
 Hatter sane... for now.
 SS Officer trying to encourage participation to join his army.
 And all the contestants for a picture pose for all the audiences.
 Posing #1
 At arm's with each other.
 Posing #2
 Charlie: I wonder how she get's into that tight fitting outfit!
 Angelica with little Jack... or rather Voodoo Jack. No wonder he's not around! He's trying to put as much distance between himself and the doll!
 Papa wants a piece of the action too!
 Hatter finally loosing it?
 Alice came a-calling! Hatter must be happy as a hat!
 The consolation winners. And no, the Ghost Rider ain't one of them!
 Blackbeard bemoaning over the fact that all he got was a cell phone. Well, at least you can use it to dial your ship, right? Oh wait, who you gonna call???
 Blackbeard getting more gifts... but no, the TV ain't yours coz it goes to...
 The Mad Hatter! Obviously, the Hatter's really happy now. Will you be trying to fit that into your hat?
All the consolation winners, plus the main winners. Congrats to you all!

Link takes you to the magazine site that is the main sponsor of this competition:

p/s -  Missus, congrats to you too... and Andi & Jamie.

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