Monday, May 23, 2011

Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 - Cosplay

If you've been following this blog, you would have seen the teasing shots of the hat, amongst other things. Well, below would be the reason why...
The missus fashioned her costume after Angelica's in POTC4... And those 2, her best buddies, as Captain Jack and Blackbeard.
Right Jack. What's with the face?
Kid: Mummy, why is that person holding the sword making that kind of face ah?
Facing the mob... ooops. Crowd.
Jack: Please don't touch my face with the sword?
Peekaboo Jack.
Swavvy, baby?
I swear I didn't do it!
Really, I'm innocent, pleads Jack.
And I WILL kill you when I get another chance!
Hang on. Hang on... Can we talk about this?
Jack & Angelica conspiring something against Blackbeard?
But let's just pose for the photo 1st...
Oh heck, here's a ready victim to die...!
Sorry Jack. But it's off with the head for you!
Grandma: I can show you a thing or two with these fists, Blackie!
Pose #1
Pose #2
Still more wanting to kill poor Blackbeard.
Hmmm... what do you think is over there? Is it The Black Pearl?
But 1st, let me make a call to find out!
Hah! You think that's your ship? Pfffffffffffft!!!
Ohhhhh... All that rum... I need to take a leak...
The missus finally getting some time alone with the ship.
Jack's mine Angelica! Hand's off him!
Jack: Now now ladies... no need to fight!
The usual ladies man that Jack is...
Blackbeard, you are no match for my sword skills
Or maybe not
In the end, all got caught... by 2 mall guards!
Missus trying out the pose as in that which is seen on the posters, etc.

The End.

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