Saturday, May 14, 2011

Google Chrome Angry Birds - Google Dimensions

As many are aware, this game has now made it's way to Google's Chrome browser for FREE. All one has to do is to visit

Of course, there's the debate of whether it's played better on Chrome or FireFox or IE, but I'll leave that out.

Anyway, for those that are playing, there is a special section dedicated to to this online version only, and it's called Chrome Dimension, after the 1st level.

I found out that this comes from Level 1-16, 1-18 and 1-20. What you need to do is to ZOOM ALL THE WAY OUT and you'll spot the Chrome logo. Hit it and forget about the pigs. You would have cleared them way before this anyway, if you're reading this post. This will unlock Dimensions steps 1 to 3.

For a better representation, refer to this website:

Enjoy... and I'll revert back to my photoblog shortly... he he

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