Monday, March 7, 2011

Kadazan Wedding... Yours truly #2

So here's the continuing set...
Us posing in front of our backdrop.
Who said there wasn't going to be any tea ceremony? :)
But in this case, this "tea" is actually home brew, called lihing, a rice wine...
The policy is that the female, wife, will serve the ladies of the immediate family
And I will serve the gents of the family.

Bottom's UP and DRINK up!
And after that comes the Sumazau dancing...
And more wine...
Some wardrobe malfunction...
Even the kiddies know how to enjoy.
See the happy smiles?
One for the album
I don't know what's with the hands tho...
Did I mention that people of KK LOVE to karaoke???
And Poco-Poco... and obviously I sucked at it BIG time! The only person who oozed with confidence in this dance was my MIL... :)
And finally ending with a bouquet toss.
But of course, we needed to make it from neutral, so the tosser was blindfolded.
And the winner is... Cynthia!

The End.

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