Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Tree (big and small) and my wife's Cross Stitch

Now, my missus just adores and loves cross stitching. With the upcoming yuletide season appearing not to far away, she started on a project that she got from a UK cross stitching magazine that she picked it off the mag stand.

Out of the many options, she choose 4 which will be stitched onto a... 

Dove! Well, actually, the dove is made up of 2 pieces and the cross stitch design is then placed between the doves and ... she did some modification; i.e. giving the dove more... "weight" (as in notice the bulge?) or otherwise it might just like plain flat... Anyway, cute eh?
And blue bird... ok. NOT blue bird... blue dove! :)
Now, we came across this as we were looking for something to decorate our room. It's small. It's cute. It's our very own personal Christmas Tree!!! :P
 Cute eh?
 Adorable no?
 So here is where the 2 doves are in relation to a ...larger Christmas tree. Can you spot them?
The End.

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