Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kaka & Nugget Point

On the way back from Te Anau, we decided to take a detour and visit these 2 places. Deserted. Gravel road. Long walks. The deep blue sea. Searing sun...sort off. And beautiful views...

Enough said.

And lookie here... look who came a-visiting! :)

You can actually walk over this grill and stand over the cliff's. Dare you? Below is what will greet you.
Surf's coming through!
Did I mention the long walks? :)

Nugget point has this lighthouse perch on it's edge. It of course used to be manned. Now, it's obviously automated.
Did I mention the long walk?
Lonely... I am so lonely...

A long long walk back... and an equally long long drop!
Kaka point had a few beaches and we decided to have some fun...
Can you spot the lighthouse?
Did I mention fun? :)
The End.

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