Thursday, November 18, 2010

International Antartica Centre

Just before we left CHC, we decided to pay this building a visit. So does this mean, more penguins to see?

Well, not really. You see CHC is something like a "forward base" for boffins who need to visit the Antartica. In fact, next to this building houses a complex that gets you ready for the extremely harsh conditions down south. But we're allowed to go there. Instead we have this touristy site, that allows people like you and me to experience what it's like in Antartica.

Penguins crossing. Probably the one and only!
Oh! And we get to sit in these nice little, cutesy transports. If you do want to sit in one, be prepared for a very painful ride... Creature comforts are not included.
See what I mean by "forward base"?
Are you feeling chilly?

While we were wandering around, we came across this excursion class of kids (why can't we have this in MY?). And so, the keepers brought out a little fella to let the kids see... no touch!
Yes. It's really -8 C!
This site wouldn't be complete if one didn't see penguins right?

"I'll watch your back guys..."
Feeding time...
"Hey look! What's that there...?"
"Who said penguins can't scratch?"
"Do YOU want a piece of me? Do YA???"
"I think I'll take a nap now... and you're not invited!"
And yes... they ARE real eggs! :)
"Alright... I'll face the wall..."
And here ends my Christchurch set.

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