Friday, November 12, 2010

Christchurch - 2nd Visit

Right. Christchurch and this time, with better weather and more things to "take in". But 1st, the earthquake and it's effects.

Am sure many have read about the early morning 7.0 magnitude quake. And many too would have heard how bad the buildings got hit.
Well, here are some images of what had happened...
There used to be a building next to that building and now, it's gone. Demolished. And soon, this blue building too. So imagine walking along the road seeing buildings, and suddenly, there's an empty spot. A vacant land. That's what the earthquake did...
Anyway, let's leave that somewhat depressing image and move on, shall we?

Christchurch Cathedral. An Anglican Cathedral. Enjoy.

Imagine kneeling on these cross-stitched cushions. Would you? I know I'll probably be feeling like... so scared la. Somebody's hard work... and I'm kneeling on it!

I actually took this coz you can't find this kind at all door locking bolts anymore, except in these old places. BUT if you look, my missus says you can spot a ...smiley face.
Next to the cathedral, is basically, the square. Hence, it's called the Cathedral Square... and this stands there.
My missus in front of the tower.

Now if only this was allowed back home. Unique car registration plates. I know what I would like mine to be! :)
It certainly catches your eye. In case you miss the words, there is the universal sign up there.
And finally, a final shot of an earthquake hit building.
In case you;re wondering is that all? Well, there is actually more, but the cathedral took quite a lot of our time, PLUS, we decided to do a little shopping. He he...

Next, International Antartica Center.

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