Saturday, July 3, 2010


An island sticking out in the ocean that is shaped like a mushroom which is teeming with ocean wildlife under it. Most go there to dive.

Sadly, your's truly isn't much of a swimmer BUT at the very least I can say that I HAVE visited the island! :)

But before all that, let's just show you what's along the way... a vast ocean and these are seaweed cages. I don't know whether people actually stay here, but it's really far out into the ocean. Imagine facing the usual tropical thunderstorms... I certainly wouldn't want to be in that wooden house.

After almost 45(?) mins of a boat ride, you reach Sipadan. Crystal clear waters...

Those black balloons signify the end of the shallow depth of the seabed... before I steep drop into the beyond! You can actually wade out to those balloons; about thigh high. Just don't go beyond... unless you're crazy enough! :)

So, it's easy to spot the colour of the water difference...
Really clear right? :)
And the beach...
Now if you're expecting more, then no. It's just an island, deserted at night with no buildings of accomodation or food of any kind. There are changing rooms and washing facilities, but's about it. You basically go there go dive, wash up and buzz off! :)

The End.

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Cat said...

Last time there used to be a famous resort but after the Abu Sayyaf hostage incident, it wasnt safe anymore to stay there. Plus the unlimited number of visitors who had polluted the island very badly. Not to mention the incident of a commercial ship dredging up the corals of Sipadan by accident.

Therefore, a permit is required before you can visit Sipadan & only a certain number of people can be allowed to step foot on the island to prevent pollution.

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