Saturday, July 3, 2010


Now, this one is more interesting to me. Reason? I can't swim but at least I can splash around in the water more... and it's more shallow AND the fishies are more abundant kind that swim around up here than having to dive...

Kapalai is basically a sand bank that is sticking out in the ocean. So, some smart people decided to turn it into a resort since there are tons of corals and teeming with sea life as well.

Like Dragon Inn, your waste are channel for proper disposal, so everything is well kept and preserved as how it should be. Or otherwise, it'll be dirty and nobody would come. Obviously!
A walkway to nowhere?
Or you can just sit down and admire the ocean's glory!
See... beautiful. Clean. Fishes. Sand at the far end.

Lots of small fishies...
And corals.
Puffer fish! And no, I don't have a under water proof camera. This is all taken by my K7 from above the sea level.
Picture of the day #1
Picture of the day #2
More fishies...
For someone who can't really enjoy the ocean, because I can't swim, this place was heaven...

Oh yeah, it's a resort so it'll cost ya RM400 (as off 2010) for accommodation, food and boat ride from Semporna.

The End.

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