Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chiling Waterfalls

It's located near KKB town. Actually closer towards the dam. And it'll take ya 1 hour or so to get to the main thing. Plus one has to go through 5 rivers before getting to the main thing.

Fortunately, the 1st river crossing's been done up with a bridge. But after that...

So here's crossing #2.
And #3.
Crossing #4
And in between you do know there is quite a lot of trekking to be done, right?
Here is #5.
And finally, #6.
And as I was crossing #6, there is this nice 'fall. But no, this isn't the one... altho I think you can decide to lepak here if the main one is too crowded.
And so here is the main one. The pool's big. And so's the area surrouding it. But it can get crowded so, if one is there early, it shouldn't be a problem. We arrive around noon. And it was just nice. But if earlier, it wouldn't had been better...
The drive to this location is about 1 hour from KL. There are basically 2 ways:
a) via Ulu Yam and KKB; and
b) via NKVE > Rawang and towards KKB.

As usual, Googling Sungai Chiling will get you loads of details.

The End.

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