Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So here is yours truly for a holiday to Tawau, Sandakan, Semporna, Lahad Datu and the 3 islands off the coast of Semporna; Mabul, Kapalai & Sipadan.

But 1st, Tawau's airport.
Most people are not aware that there is a nice forest reserve for trekking and such. Heck, there are even waterfalls but sadly, it was raining as we got there. So this is all I have. If you're interested, Google out Tawau Hills Park.
A small fall...
Now, we know that East Malaysia is famous for seafood. I'll let the piccies do the talking.
Mantis prawns aka Lai Liu Har anyone?
Lobster going for RM120/kilo and it's a whopper too! Wonder how much this baby will cost you?
What's KLCC, EPF, KLIA, etc got to do with this Seafood Restaurant? They are acronym for drinks and I've basically forgotten them all!

The above was eaten @ Kam Ling Seafood.

My of my... Black sauce chicken. And look at the sausage... and it's that potato???

Yes, your soup comes with pumpkin, barley, dried veggie, etc... a real wholesome soup!
And it's all to be had @ Mongolian Chicken Rice shop! Yup. Mongolian. It's actually steamed chicken in black sauce (I guess). Definitely very different from your run of the mill chicken rice. The sausage is thick and fatless too. A definite must try.
Only problem is though is that spaces are limited and it's kind hot. Else, you gotta have it. Foodie pictures were taken by my wife's Panasonic LH20.

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