Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kuala Lumpur or at least part of it...

Now, yours truly had some free time before meeting up with wifey to watch West Side Story - The Musical. She had to work and so I decided to do a little "street photography". I need to learn more...

But anyway, if one has never been to KL or for that matter Malaysia, then the below few shots will give you an idea...

In this part of KL, near Petaling Street or otherwise known as Chinatown, you would have these old colonial shophouses. I remember having to cross this road many a time to get to my bus stop to take me home. And see that hardware shop countless of times!
And this rickety old steel bridge is still around. As you can see, it's even warp to a certain extent!
The right most building was demolished and in its place, now sits a budget hotel I believe. But as you can see, the buildings next to it still retains the old colonial look.
Now... the coffee shop is where yours truly spend quite a lot of time eating his lunches there. It was famous for 2 reasons:
a) Fish head noodle and porridge. The FHN is nice but the problem is, his waiters can never remember whose order is whose. So after one has waited long enough, one would have to steal somebody else's order!
As for the porridge, its famous for solving your upset stomach! Reason? Almost half of the bowl will contain ginger!!!
b) Mixed rice. Great prices... great food. What can you ask for, right?

Except that the shop is... H.O.T! As in poor ventilation. Ah well...

Oh by the right hand side of the photo, you'd notice an alleyway. You can find a pleasant Chicken Rice there too...
Now these buildings... or building as it's one huge one belongs to the temple behind. So many years of staring at it, and I never knew it so. I used to wait for my buses here... Hope the facade is maintain though.
So if your surname is Yap... I wonder how many join these associations nowadays? Am sure most don't even know these existed!
Welcome to the money changer row!!! Further towards the left of the photo is Seng Nam, with it's yellow window covers. Another nice place for Chicken Rice, and Hai Nam chicken chops.
And then, just around the corner is the banking district. Just about every bank is around here, as a branch or as it's HQ.
Is that a building within a building? :)

Nope it's it's HSBC's main building in reflection of Wisma Hamzah Kwong Hing... It's gotten a "Golden" makeover... Hence, the beautiful reflection.
And these interesting designs dominate the buildings here... You just gotta look up.
And what's a visit to KL without the famous Masjid Jamek (Jamek Mosque). One could call this as KL's premier mosque. Ancient and step with history as it's located at the joining of Klang and Gombak river and this is where KL all started from...
Across it is the old courthouses and the tall flagpole. And yes, it's really ... tall.
Old and new... ok. I lied. Not so new... but definitely very old! :P

The end and thanks for reading.

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