Sunday, May 30, 2010

Empire Strikes Back - 30th Anniversary

Yes, I must be quite ancient to say that I've seen ESB in my young chilhood days... by today's web standard, that is. :)

Anyway, here we have our MC starting off the events.
Bear in mind that all costumes are mostly made by the fans themselves. Not sure about the weapons, although some are. Anyway, this gun's barrel can actually rotate ya!
And these were the contestants for the Cosplay event. Pity it's so few... compared to the heydays.
What the...??? Never mind. Something's are best left unsaid and left to individual's imagination.
Don't pray pray ohhhh... Here are the Fett's!
And the trooper's a-coming.
Who decided to ham it up... oh behaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave.
Oh no... Plo Koon? What???
In addition to Cosplay, there is also Light Saber wielding contest; a 1st of it's kind for Malaysia. Now, my files are big as I don't have the necessary software to resize them which will be done once your's truly has made it to the office. The video was shoot with my K7's video capability.

Contestants were judged according to Techniques, Poses and use of the Force.
Now this was cute. A final test that was a spoof of Ep4; whereby a Nerf gun, yes, you read correctly, was used to shoot rubber bullets at them and they are supposed to defend themselves with just the Light Saber! :)

More to come in another post with the video. Ciao for now.

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