Saturday, March 20, 2010

2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010

Now what can this be?
And this rope?
And these blokes unwrapping?
And this can of oil?
Oh my... can it be?
Trow in a horde of photographers and ...
A balloon...
And you have a Balloon Fiesta! :)
Hold it up high boys. Coz we are so going to inflate it.
Left guy to right guy: I think he's loony to walk in there...
The instrument panel of the Hot Air Balloon
Stand back boys... you wouldn't want to get burn... really. Seriously. Coz...
Fireball coming your way.
Thundercats ... hooooooooooooooooooooo...
Fire it up.
All of them balloon's up in the air. Is that Darth Vader there?
I'm soooo lonely up here...
How many people does it take to hold down a balloon?
Fire it up #2
Call the Aliens! Giant half balloon alert!
Here I come to save the daaaaay!
All lined up.
Today... I shall... rule this Fiesta. All shall see the power of the dark side.
But first, let me sniff this tree...
Now you have seen the power of the dark side, will you join me?

Yes master. Order 66 shall be executed as requested.

Oh no... what has happened?
What CAN we do against Darth Vader?
I shall stand against him...
Heeeeeeeeeeelp... I am being sandwiched!
What's that? Darth Vader's taking over this fiesta?
Ooooooh... I can't bear to look!
And in the midst of a galactic fight...
Honey. I want THAT balloon.
Come my minions.... Join me.
And together, we shall rule the ballonic (?) galaxy!
Oh no, you shall not win, Darth.
The power of sunglasses?

Get me down here... please?

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