Friday, September 25, 2009

Ode to by old friend!

I feel so naked without you... so exposed. And it's so ...sad that I had to see you go... all because of my BIG mouth! *sigh*

But you had done sooooo well. Thought me sooooo much. Gave me wonderful memories that is now living as bits and bytes in my hard disk. You have gone with me to beautiful and wonderful places; from Siem Reap in Cambodia to Geneva, Zurich, Nyon, Einsedeln in Switzerland to Konstanz in Germany to Paris in Franch to the stinkiest place on earth in Goamantong Caves in Sabah.

You flew at 30,000ft and sped on dry land as fast as 300km/h!

And left me with tons of fond memories... but none as best as the above image; showing a relationship of trust, love and companionship.

So long and fare thee well my good friend. May you serve your new master well. Just as you have served me well and left me with years of enjoyment... and seen through my ups and downs.
Au Revoir et Merci Beaucoup K100D!!!

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