Sunday, September 6, 2009

Desert Rose...

I'm told that is what they are called. But to me, they are just fun to photograph! And of course, after a downpour, it's even better. UNFORTUNATELY, no blue sky... ah well...

Au Contraire, these 2 shots were basically:
a) no framing
b) no "person" focus
The below one is basically, my failed attempt to liven things up. Now you know why I don't do Post Processing! I suck at it... BIG time!!!
Now lest you think this particular "tree" is big... it's not. REALLY. Honestly! They are just your average size. It's just the illusion of shooting upwards. Hence, why I mention the 2 criteria above. I basically just took my SLR, squatted beside the pot, aimed at what I thought should be my frame and fire away! And of course, it helps with a 50mm/f1.4 stop'ed to 2.2 helping... he he

Not bad results eh?

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