Monday, August 10, 2009


This was certainly one heck of an activity. One that looked easy, but in real life, bloody hard! And boy, was I exhausted to the point that I had to quite half way as I was drained out entirely! Thankfully, an exit was available! Anyway, one needs to be somewhat physically fit; at least in your upper body area. And for yours truly, being thalassaemic, this isn't something easy to do...

So what is it? An adventure sports up in the forest, around 30meters high. An obstacle course, high up in the jungle. All that's keeping you up, are the harnesses!

For more info:

And now, the photo's:

The trails...
Looks very simple right?
Not too high, right?

In good hands...
Classic example of how to firefox...
I'm going up to my treehouse! And oh, it's about 20++ meters up in the air!
From here, all activity is up in the air. So, IF you're terrified of heights, this is soooooooooooooo not what you would want to do.
Hi there!


Need I emphasise on heights? :)
This goes, here... that goes that... Safety 1st!
And if you happen to miss your landing and get stuck in the middle, kindly pose for the photographer, please! Thanks Sam!
This activity is all done up in the air. For 2 over hours, you are moving from one platform to another, 20-30 meters up. And all you have is the harnass. Also, this puts a LOT of strain on your biceps, arms and spinal cord. So, you have been warned...

And there's no harm in chickening out. Your health is more important if you find that you just got too tired 1/3 way through. I know I did and I have no regrets... but fun...

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Raysonick Tham said...

Cool photos!
Do you know that I freaked out half way (Eventually my balls shrunk!) through and didnt even finish the 1st level. I thought I could overcome my fear (Heights) but ... Anyway, everyone including my wife enjoy completed it accept me. What I did while waiting for them to complete? I actually slept and the waiting area!!! Wasted my $$$

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