Saturday, August 29, 2009

Of Mosquitoes and How I got fed up! :)

Now, living in Malaysia, has a really big and sometimes painful and itchy problem: Mosquitoes. These buggers can drive one mad... literally, especially when you KNOW that there is just no way you can get a good night's sleep with them buzzing around...

Not too mention the horror of waking up the next morning finding your exposed skin "carpet bombed" with red marks.

So needless to say, I got fed up and decided that enough was enough. I was getting one of these interesting gadgets. Scouring through the web revealed that this particular device actually works and works well.

It's basically a UV lamp ... with a twist. It ALSO spews out CO2. Oh yes, I'm soooooo contributing to the destruction of the ozone layer! But you see, UV just doesn't do the trick enough. Co2, is what them mozzies zoom in for besides your body heat that is done via the UV. By putting both together, you get a replica of a homo sapien and viola(!), them mozzies go after this thing.

So they get attracted, fly in into the whole, get sucked down through a fan and end up below the unit; where the fine wire net is.
And the result. (This is just one side). 3 nights. Go figure... and it's only switched on at night. Yikes comes to mind!!!

Oh yeah, if you're wondering WHY there is the cling wrap, well, I placed it there as it's daylight and no use having it switched on. Them blasted insects know how to hide... but it's there as I'm paranoid that these smart buggers will know how to fly out; via the fly in route even though this device has a so called trap map that disallows them from doing so... So I placed the cling wrap to ensure that NOTHING leaves this until I switch it on again, the next night!

Cost? RM2xx++

Not cheap, but I think it's justifed. Yes? :D

More infor here:

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ambiguous wanderer said...

That's a heck LOT of mosquitoes caught in 3 nights. I can't imagine a peaceful night if that many were flying around!


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