Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stein Am Rhein

A lot of people wondered what I was doing here... or rather what is sooooo famous about it! Well, I'll let my photo's explain it all... but 1st, my cutomary shot of the train station! :)

OK. This is a deviation... but does this figure on the manhole looks familiar?

Figured it out yet on what's soooo famous?

Frescoes of wall paintings! Almost every house has it.

And you can still find this old constrcuted house/mansion?

By George! It's St George!!! :)

And yes, you have a St George museum...
These mighty barrels store... wine.
Huge isn't it?

This shows the generation of folks that have lived in this house...
And next, I am going on a boat cruise!
OK. I lied. Stein Am Rhein isn't my last one. The River Rhein cruise IS! Rhein is a river that borders Swiss and Germany. So you have one side German, other side Swiss! And my boat cruise takes me in a zig zag fashion from one side to the other side. Cool eh?

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