Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh... My... Gawd!

Now ... what can yours truly be up to???

For the unknown, this was my civil marriage registration. Yes, yours truly is no longer a bachelor!!! Legally that is... Until my church wedding... he he...

Usually in my catholic district, we have somebody doing this together with the church wedding. But unfortunately as Mr EK John has retired, so yours truly had to visit the Registration Dept in PJ. Surprisingly, not that painful at all! Just make sure that when you hand in your forms/particulars, do it in the afternoon. And also make sure which date but it's gotta be tied in to a Tuesday/Wednesday as these are the only 2 days in a week they allow.

And as for the real deal, as only a certain amount of couples are allowed to have their registration, going early wouldn't really hurt.

And a close up of the happy couple; i.e. yours truly and his wife...

Oh gosh. I'm married! :)

A BIG Thank You to the following people who made it to this event:
My Parents, My Brother, Mel, Uncle Patrick & Aunty Maureen and cousin Julie.

AND if you spotted something interesting on this page, 25th Sept 2010 is the main date.

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