Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Paris - Louvre

One of THE most famous museums of all. And in it, if you're short for time, you go for 1 thing only: Mona Lisa!

But before that, here it is: it's famous entrance. The buildings that surround it are actually, part of the museum! You actually walk ... a lot!

And so, on to the exhibits. Apparently, this used to be a part of a ship. (Correct me if I'm wrong). You know the bow area? Like the famous Black Pearl, you have this adorning some ship at it's bow...
And paintings adorn it's ceilings... reminds me of Cistern Chapel (not that I've been but...)

Being a Catholic, this obviously holds a lot of meaning for me...

And the entrance to the Renaissance period has this up on the ceiling. Magnifique!

And here we go... Mona Lisa... Smile lady! I think she's smiling. Isn't she??? :P
Now, ppl say that no matter which angle you look at, she's looking at you. So, here's taken from the RIGHT.
And then the LEFT.
So what do you think? Leave you comments behind...

Renaissance period was a time of religion revival for painters. So, if you're a Catholic, you'll enjoy the next few. Else, skip to the bottom!

Venus De Milo aka Aphrodite aka Goddess of LOOOOOOVE! :)
Double click on the image so you can read...
So here ends my visit to Paris. Hoped you enjoy what presented.

Next, back to Geneve and other piccies to follow. Zurich I think is next...

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