Thursday, June 18, 2009

Paris - Eiffel Tower

One doesn't visit Paris if not for the Eiffel Tower. So here it is... But obviously somebody decided to strut his/her feathers... :)
I basically got off at this stop called Trocadero; it faces Eiffel from another location where most instead would get off at the park that you see behind it.
Click this picture up to see the massive amount of ppl queing up! So obviously, Moi (being on a 1 day excursion) skipped queing!
And obviously, I needed to do my magic to give you a much better image. This is a combination of 2 images combined together in different exposures. Hence, the nice blue of the sky and yet, if you click to open full scale, you can see the details of the tower itself.
Next stop: Notre Dame!

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