Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Onwards to Paris...

Right. I'm off to PARIS and I'm travelling by...
Yup. The famous TGV trains. As yours truly booked really last minute, only 1st class seats were available. Hence, a snapshot. Seats are really comfy and can recline. And like normal trains in EU, there is upstairs and downstairs. So Moi obviously choose upstairs! :)
This is the town of Belgarde. It's close to the Swiss border. By train that is. Notice the high and long road bridge...
Woooohooooo! Actually, we top 298km/h! And the train driver said "Maximum speed at 300km/h!". So, here's my proof. 291's close enough for me.
In a train, you feel the speed when it tops goes past 100. And then when it goes past 150 to 250. But at 300, you really only know how fast you are going when you see just how fast you zoom by the cars and trucks on an adjacent motorway. It's really cool!

Bookings can be done online via: www.railaway.ch/english/home

Below are the TGV trains... Sorry about the signpost!
What a mess of wires to sort out! :)
How does one keep track? :p
Check out those massive shock absorbers!!! No wonder you hardly feel anything, even at 300km/h and a double storey train!
And finally: I'm in PARIS!!!
Paris has a few main train stations. Gare De Lyon is meant for trains coming in from Swiss, Central and South-East France, Italy and so on... (taken from http://www.raileurope.com/europe-travel-guide/france/paris/train-station/lyon-train-station.html)
So 1st train in @ 0717H. And you reach by 1051H...

Paris, like London and New York have massive mass train transport lines. And Paris version is called the Metro. Moi used ONLY the Metro to get around. And for a tourist, EU8 is enough for you to travel across 3 zones in a day. So it's a day ticket, unlimited rides.
However, the best thing about it is not for much of the trains themselves BUT, it's website: www.ratp.info
Why? You can enter the stations of where you want to go and it'll help you get there, informing you of time, lines and interchange of stations where necessary. For a tourist, it'll definitely help you to plan your journey. So armed with that, I left the main train station (after buying my day pass) and headed off to...

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