Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nyon Switzerland

Nyon. A cute little town; although some of my colleagues who stay there will probably kill me for saying that it's CUTE! :)

Anyway, even for a small town, it has some surprising attractions. As in any town or city in Switzerland, you have these man... I wonder what it is with the Swiss and their obsession with these man made marvels? He he...
And the Protestant church...
Nyon, is about 20mins by train from Geneva. And since it is beside the Geneva lake, you obviously have a nice front. So yours truly had his lunch on one of the main benches facing the lake... enjoying himeself!
Have I made you jealous enough??? :P
In the background are actually the swiss alps. But they are a bit hazy... Pity though...
I wonder what that bloke is contemplating?
Imagine having your window on a street level and well, people staring easily into your home?
So what is this glassy thing sticking out in the middle of this place? Any guesses? The answer is further down below...
The view from Coppet's Castle.
The entrance to Coppet's Castle. Doorway to another doorway?
One thing you never have to worry about in Switzerland is water. You have these many fountains that spout free water all over the place... So go ahead, take a drink.
Right. Nyon is famous for this bloke. He came, he saw, he conquered! And because he was here, this town is famous for Roman artifacts. UNFROTUNATELY, the Roman museum is closed for renovation. So another time then. It will have to be in November 2009 when it reopens.
Coppet's Castle from the lake view... AND, noticed the person walking out at the bottom? It's a Parking Lot! Cool eh? So that glass thingy is actually a Lift!
See what I mean about Roman artifacts?
And the view from next to the Roman columns above... You get a really beautiful view of the lake and its sorroundings. And an even better place to have a picnic or lunch...
There are about 2 things that I missed:
a) The beach and the fisherman's...
b) UEFA HQ! Yup, it's here... in NYON! But unfortunately, as public transport is a bit of a problem, I had to skip that.

Ok, that's it folks! Next stop, PARIS! :)

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