Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Einsedeln. A Benedictine Abbey situated on the top of a hill, way up away from Zurich; about 1 hour by trains. So what made it soooo famous? A few things, BUT chief of all is the Black Madonna. Yup, this is where is came from... And pretty interesting reason for it too... Later on that.

1st off, the abbey / church itself. Huge huh?
Come here all you weary and quench your thirst... Right from Our Dear Lady herself!
Unfortunately, God had other plans. Hence no blue skies for this, but looking back, it certainly makes the gold seem more striking! No?

Fee fiiii fooooo fum... I see a small house with my ... thumb!
Sad to say, one was NOT allowed to take photo's in church. So I can't show you what it's like. But am sure you'll agree with me that IF the outside was THIS grand, what more can be said about the INSIDE???
Click on http://www.kloster-einsiedeln.ch/ and then on Abbey.

I said that Notre Dame in Geneva was fantastic. Einsiedeln's was mind boggling!!! This last link show's it all...

Next stop, Germany (I think)! :)

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