Monday, May 11, 2009

Lausanne #2

From the museum, back to the streets... a typical view. Note that the streetlights are hung in the middle. Very different from asia.

Dogs travel for free... Buses here are electric driven. So definitely, very eco friendly.
One thing that is really different with buses back home for me in Malaysia is that:

a) Drivers are very courteous

b) Buses are actually on the dot. 10.20 means 10.20 at the bus stop. And once you start going around, you realised why. Simply because, the will stop at the bus stop even if there is nobody. And if they are early, they'll stop even longer! Not a second or minute more! And many thanks to the bus driver that kindly waited for us near the Olympic Museum for us to cross the road and also open the last door for us!!! Thanks... I wished I took down the registration plate...Compared to asia where shopping malls and shops are opened 7 days a week, this is obviously not the case here. Witness the deserted shops and just us, wandering around!
And the steep streets... Interesting platesView of another street.
And I really have no idea what this is... And what would this be...???
The Lausanne museum... Next stop... Cathedral.

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