Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gua Tempurung

Gua Tempurung.
I thought of writing an introduction of what this is, but then, ah heck, the officially website does it soooo much better. So go have a read here.

We basically went for the extreme tour, or otherwise known as the Grand Tour; which is a massive 4 hours (almost), getting yourself wet (at times really wet coz your crawling or duck walking in the river/stream) to dry...

You start wet and end up dry. And after climbing almost the same amount of steps for Batu Caves (circa 280), you end up with this view from the top. A massive cavern, which if you look to the bottom right, is a staircase that you would walk downwards from where you are...
Or upwards if you are just venturing with the dry tour only.

The Entrance/Exit.

There were more shots taken, but exhaustion set it and trying to take pictures on a 3kilo dSLR, even with Anti Shake just didn't cut it for it. So this is all I've got. Really... really tired... when you also had to walk through the river current about 3/4 the time your in there!

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