Sunday, August 10, 2008

Malacca - Of Old and New - Part 4

You must be wondering why no photo's of Stadhuy's, Christ Church, A'Formosa up close. Well, I did take them, but I think it's better if you see them for yourself; up close and personal. Other reason was that at A'Formosa, it's turn into a circus(!) with what someone standing in the entrance entralling customers to have a go with his giant monitor lizard. Forget it... I'll take more interesting stuff.

So we crossed the road and headed into this new mall, just opposite of A'Formosa; about 30paces off it, or less. And once you're in, this is what you see. As Darth Vader would say, "Impressive, MOST impressive!"

It's actually in a box shape, in a circular pond with fountains as you can see. And what it depicts, is actually the Malacca history. Close observation and I think it's made of rock. Very well done and pretty cool I must say. Certainly with the theme of Historical city, and complements it's entry into UNESCO's World Heritage Site which it recently got awarded with.

A different side of it...

And a different side...

I wouldn't say where I got the below picture from. But it's definitely within the vicinity of the mall; ok, outside!

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