Sunday, August 10, 2008

Malacca - Of Old and New - Part 1

Now, I've visited Malacca last year, but a lot seems to have changed in just 1 year. Seriously, there's a shopping right, literally right across the street, but more on that later...

I wouldn't really bother posting a pix of the galleon here. Reason? Well, just anybody and everbody would have taken a pix of it and it's hard not to miss. But the point of this anchor? Just how much does it weigh? Imagine trying to pull that in into your ship! Even if it was a few of you, from the bottom of the ocean... speak of really HARD labour!

The last time I was here, I didn't see this. So now, a photo of this water mill(?) But how does it connect to Malacca historically, I cannot fanthom...

No, you're not in London! A double decker in Malacca!!! :)

Old... old... and damn old! Really brings back memories if my time in my granpa's house. I managed snap this. Wanted to snap a photo of an old GEC fan, unfortunately told that it was a no go. I believe many would not have even seen the old fan, bronze'd and probably heavy as well. And probably slow moving blades if one compares to today's high tech's. Heck, in time, probably fans will die too as everybody starts relying on air-con's!

Now, THIS is something many would not see. Clogs! I still use them in my house. Made of wood. Of course, no elaborate painting. I'll miss the sound of "clak clak" as this too will probably head towards a death as the younger generation see's no use for it, and consider Croc's more cool!

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