Monday, August 11, 2008

In launching of Clone Wars toys... Part 1

Yours truly has friends that dabble in the art of CosPlay, short for Costume Play. While this term is more apt for Japanese manga/anime, I think anybody who dresses up in a costume as a character from any genre be it fact or fiction or fantasy should fall in this category.

As many are aware, the Star Wars universe just keeps on going like and Energizer bunny! So the latest installament, i.e. Clone Wars is due to arrive in Malaysian shores. But prior to that, there's always them toys. So together with it's launch, my friends decided to put in an appearance. Unfortunately, I wasn't there during the midnight launch, but this was more of the day after...

I wonder what Kungfu Panda must be thinking in the background... IF only he was real!!! :P

The following was taken in the concourse area whereas the above were just outside my friend's cafe/meeting area for us SciFi and Fantasy fans, known as MYSCIFIFAN. For more info, visit OR

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